Picker vs. Pick Her

I took full advantage of my time in Des Moines!  We were there for about 21 hours and did so much: Golf, antiquing, bar hopping, race track and craps!  I was honestly impressed with Des Moines, it had a city feeling, but much cleaner? Well, almost–one of the locations for antiques that came up on my google map while we were down there doesn’t even have a name anymore so I couldn’t even tell you what it was called.  We pulled up to this though:

Flea Market off of Euclid in Des Moines, IA

Google did not tell me that this place was no longer functioning—but I would love to know what was in there when it was!

The BF was determined for me to do a little antiquing so we looked up one more and found “The Picker Knows“.  Do you think the owner was trying to be a little “punny” here?

Anyways, it was a quaint place, reminded me of “Antiques MN” in Burnsville which I regular probably quarterly.  Layout was similar in which booths and glass cases were provided to individuals wanting to sell their items.  However at The Picker Knows there were way more booths and homemade items than at Antiques MN.  I definitely could have spent more time in this store, so many items, so many ideas, so little time.

What I absolutely get a kick out of is that some of this stuff is old McDonald’s kids meal toys or toys that were stuck in the radiator for the past 20 years:


And then there are things like this!


You can find “Chief” on the other side of him—these guys were HUGE!

Sometimes you come across the booths in which they are selling completed projects in which you are shopping for—which in my opinion takes all the fun out of it!  So many pallet signs and other DIY projects completed for someone without an imagination it made me a little angry.  It left less room to find that item — that diamond in the rough– that would be my next project!  Then I stumbled upon and entire rusted sheet metal cutout booth!


This booth had every letter, number and shape imaginable!  I could have bought so many of them, but somehow (and I still do not know where this will power came from) I managed to only purchase these three:


I have some wonderful ideas of what these little 8″ beauties will be transformed into but not 100% sold on anything just yet.  Guess that means you’ll have to stay tuned for an update!

Happy Antiquing!

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