Miraculum With A View!

I was recently invited to a VIP opening of a new taproom for Pryes Brewing Company (pronounced Prize). This place is right on the Mississippi river and has some of the most stunning views including providing patrons with the ability to view the Twin Cities River Rats!  Not only that but they also have great parking, a great patio (dog friendly!) and food served in house by Red Wagon Pizza Company.  This is an extremely smart move on Pryes’ part as here in MN when those frigid winter temps hit, by the time you get your food from a food truck and back inside the brewery–there’s a good chance that it’s colder than your beer!  Our visit included the bar-b-que wings and Olive Oyl wood fired pizza–since the BF doesn’t like olives this tasty dish was all mine!

Inside the brewery you’ll find custom wood and metal decor beautifully designed and built by local artist Atom Pechman of Form From Form .


The space is definitely not lacking in, well space, as it has plenty of seating at different table levels.  They also offer patrons the opportunity to partake in a game of Featherbowling, something that was completely new to this beer patron.  At first glance it looks like an off version of bocce ball, but the curved lane and oblong balls tell a different story, and then there’s the feather!

On to the beer! Pryes’ flagship is their award winning American IPA Miraculum.  Let me just say, as someone who is NOT an IPA fan, this was phenomenal!  The citrus and malt that they add to it just helps with that hoppy after taste that this girl is not a fan of.  This is most definitely a brew that I will be recommending to anyone who says that there is no such thing as a good IPA.   While I was there I also tried one of their new small batch brews, a blonde with an interesting mouth feel! I’m a fan of blondes and this one was right up my alley, it’s bright and crisp yet has an interesting finish that seems to be a result of the peppercorn they add.  Either way–delish!

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting (with my pups!) again and cannot wait to see what award winning brews they concoct next!

*Side note-Pryes was one of many breweries at the Pride Beer Dabbler this year and they were serving up a new hibiscus sour that I’m hoping they put into mass production soon! This tea lover approved!


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