Minnesota Uffdah’s You!

This last weekend the BF and I journeyed down to a small little town called Red Wing. We were down there to see a band play at Treasure Island Casino, a band that I love, a band that I have enjoyed for years, a band that I had just seen for the first time not even a year ago that put on an amazing show! A band whose name I will not share because I feel like they didn’t even show up on this night, and I don’t want to ruin them for anyone else. (How’s that for MN Nice?)  Pair that with a horrible motel room (all though I cannot say I’ve ever stayed in a decent motel room) and an expensive cab ride and the trip almost seemed like a bust.  One good thing about staying in an “unpleasant” motel is that you have plenty of encouragement to get up and going in the morning.  And we did just that…and we found this!


The beauty of Red Wing that was masked by an underwhelming evening.  Old buildings, green hills and trees and the Mississippi River.  For those unfamiliar with this city, it lies just on the border of MN and WI, and MN get’s to claim it and all it’s glory!


First thing was first, coffee!! I had spotted a Caribou coming into town so at least that was going for us, what surprised me was the location of it.  I’m so used to Caribou’s being in brand new brick and mortar buildings that it threw me off guard when we realized that it was an old Depot Station for the Chicago Great Western.  They had the history of the building there for visitors to read up on and how it eventually developed into the Caribou that is there today.


Of all the Caribou’s I’ve been in, this was definitely my favorite!  While sipping away on our fresh coffee, we did a search for breakfast that could include a Bloody Mary.  Low and behold we stumbled upon Libertys Restaurant and Lounge.


The atmosphere when you first walk in reminded me of this quaint little restaurant we used to have in the town where I grew up, family owned and amazing pizza! Huge booth seats were waiting for us and we grabbed one by the window so we could see what else was going on in this little gem of a town.  I was blown away by their menu, there was so much to it and it all sounded amazing!  Come to find out when we were paying our tab, they actually have scaled back their menu some!  First thing was first, a Bloody Mary!  The server asked if I wanted the “Perfect 10” Bloody Mary, and if someone asks that, you just say YES! It was a decent tasting bloody–not the best flavor I’ve had.  But seeing that I was STARVING, the garnishes made a nice little appetizer.  Banana pepper, pickled asparagus, Colby Jack cheese, beef stick, pickled mushroom, pepperoni, shrimp and a sweet pickle.

“Perfect 10” Bloody Mary

For the meals, the BF decided to try one of their specialties and ordered the Liberty Special which consisted of two eggs, hash browns and your choice of meat–bacon, lean ham, corned beef hash, sausage links or patties—he chose all of them with a side of toast (didn’t want to overdo it with pancakes)! I opted for their eggs benedict and I was pleased with the taste.  Not the best eggs benedict I’ve had, but still quite good.  What made it even better was the English muffin (and the BF’s toast) were all made fresh at the local bakery that morning just down the road, Hanisch Bakery & Coffee Shop.  It was the best English muffin I had ever had on an eggs benny!

We were done with breakfast by 9:30 so we decided to walk a little around town.  The first stop we made was to check out where the baked goods of our breakfast came from, and unfortunately we were so stuffed that we couldn’t even think about purchasing more food.  Seeing that the heat and humidity was already rising we decided to make one more stop before journeying back to the cities.  On our way to breakfast, my eye caught wind of this sign:


Being of Scandinavian decent there was no way I was leaving this town without at least checking this out! Walking in there my first thought was “Uffdah!” and my second thought was “I’m at grandma’s house!”  There were so many things that brought me back to my youth and being in Elk River at grandma’s house.  See for yourself:

From the Dala horses to the Ole & Lena joke books, I was taken back to a place that I haven’t been to in a long time! I honestly didn’t want to leave and I will definitely be going back! If anything they have a great collection of Norse statues that I must get for my dad!


Our morning spent in Red Wing definitely salvaged our trip down there and we’re already planning our next trip back!  Thanks for the memories Red Wing, UFFDAH!

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Uffdah’s You!

  1. Except next time, book the hotel earlier! Fall would be a beautiful time to go back there! The hills will be so many beautiful colors!


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